Class 5: Four short lines with 1(VII)x cadences (№ 63−70)

There are only Aeolian-Phrygian tunes in Class 5. The (VII) main cadence itself lends a unique character to these tunes, for one can hardly come across notes below the closing note in Karachay tunes, except for a few plagal songs in Class 1. Like in the previous class, a few popular tunes and their variants constitute the class.

5.1. № 63−65 with the cadential sequence 1(VII)x and the dance tune of Ex.5.1. belong to this group.

Ex.5.1. Four short lines with 1(VII)b3 cadences

5.2. The Tepena tune of indigenous religion (№ 66 and Ex.5.2) with 5(VII) 4 cadences has great popularity; its isometric variant is the zikir tune № 67 of Muslim religion.

Ex.5.2. Four short lines with 5(VII)4 cadences

I ranged some unique tunes with VII cadence at the tail of the class. They include two-lined № 68 with (VII) main cadence, № 69 of a unique structure but apparently rather archaic, and № 70, more or less similar to the previous one, in which the VIIth degree only appears at the end of line 3.